Friday, 23 March 2012

Dreamy Cushion

My first Pinterest inspired project and my first ever blog on my first ever computer.
Just to let you know I was introduced to Pinterest only two weeks ago.
Having been so inspired by all the fabric flower tutorials, thank you clever girls, and as I'm just finishing off my bedroom I thought I would make a cushion for my bed.

I used chiffon fabric and made up my flowers using instructions from Pinterest, sewing them on to white stiffening [ me and glue or should I say glue and I just don't go, get into terrible messes] so sewing was best.

I finished off the roses with a small pearl bead which I sewed in the center.

I then sewed my cushion cover, I used some lovely Taffeta a soft cream, and piped the edges.

I measured and marked out where the flowers should go then carefully sewed them on, but you could glue, as its the sort of cushion you would remove before you got into bed.

The finished product.     Its gorgeous and Dreamy, will look great with my upholstered headboard I have just finished, but that's another post.

The finished product 

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