Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Upholstered headboard

 This was a big job to make this headboard, I had to work it out by my self as I had not discovered Pinterest at this stage and didn't think to photograph the stages.  We decided to make it from Pinex, its a soft board that is light and we were able to push a needle through while buttoning it. We layered the board, foam rubber and quilters batting and then the fabric.

 The fabric needs to be pulled very firm and measured carefully as the piping has to run right on the edge. You can click on the photo to get more detail.

Its all stapled to the back  and then you need to measure for your buttons, with a very strong needle and linen thread and with the help of pliers you can do it.

 We chose the Pinex because we wanted to stick  it to the wall with 3 M velcro strips, my Husband didn't want any holes in the wall.  I'd love to tell you it was a great success, but it was not, woke one morning and the whole thing had slipped off so we had to go back to the drawing board.   Legs was the answer, supported the weight, seems to have worked, its still up there.

You can see the piping detail, it is so important to get this as perfect as you can.

Oh yes one more thing, make sure the weave on the fabric buttons runs the same way as fabric on the headboard.

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