Sunday, 14 June 2015

Detail, Detail, how to take your sewing to the next level.

The Detail says it all!!

I have said before that building detail into your work creates quality, it lifts it up to the garment that demands---


This was the fabric that caught my eye with the whimsical Ballerina's on it and a soft cream background. The coordinating border fabric I could see around the hem.
The blue spot and embroidery thread was for another project but somehow during the trip home they formed into a gorgeous dress.

Look at these little dancers, almost Angel like with the little stars.

The embroidery thread is ever so softly variegated 

My little trial just with a simple double French Knot over the top of the printed flowers.

It was at this stage that I decided to use the blue spot as a trim, to lift the colour and give it a fresh look. 

The pattern that I used was a basic dress with a waist, I added the embroidered band with the spot trim. 

I have added the blue trim to the bottom border.

From the border fabric I made the ties which I always love, they draw the waist in to accentuate the full skirt.

I have piped the neck and arm holes, I do love piping and use it often.

The finished dress which I'm so pleased with, in all honesty the photo's don't do it justice.

The back of the dress with the ties, details add interest and they will take your garment from homemade to 'Couture' every time.

I have lined it all with fine cream lawn and added a little lace edge to the hem, I think I'm finished.

The coat hanger made to match you can get the pattern and instructions   HERE 

I got the fabric from my local shop here in Gisborne, although I got the last of the blue.
Its Anna Griffin's Believe Collection FAIRY TOSS BLUE

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  1. Such a pretty little dress...the fabric is beautiful and I love how you've used the border fabric for the ties too....the piping is the perfect finishing touch...really lovely!!!
    Happy weekend!
    Susan x


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