Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fashion for Girls 'Sweet Pinafore and Blouse'


Fashion for little ones  'Girls and their dresses'

You know how I love detail well this little outfit has it all, piping( I love), top stitching, frills, spotted buttons, floral's, stripes, soft cotton and of course its blue.


You would think with all this going on it would be overdone, it isn't because not one detail is more dominant than the others.  You can see I have also used three different fabrics in the pinafore but they are soft and once again of equal depth of colour.


The little white blouse does its job of keeping it ( quiet ), its a word I often use to describe a feeling.


  I have piped the blouse with the blue and white stripe, very fine as is also the cotton fabric I have used to make the blouse.

A little label
 on the back adds the detail that is my style.

Its a bit big for Kerah but maybe this summer.
Happy sewing 

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