Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Drawstring bags--Tutorial-Gauzy Linen gift bags

Linen Drawstring Bags

I have made these little bags as gift or presentation bags, I feel they add a little surprise to a gift... elevate it to be more special.

In these wee bags I will send sweet muslin wraps to two precious newborns.
You can use these bags for anything, handkerchiefs, lingerie because they have a soft base they can be stored in a draw. 

 I have made these ones from pure linen and cotton Lawn 


Iv'e added little gift cards to complete the look, these bags are simple, soft and lovely.
Choose your fabric carefully because the texture and sheerness makes the LOOK.
I have used pure linen drapery fabric and a soft floral Lawn, in the base I added 'Iron on Pellon but any light weight batting will do.

From your contrasting fabric cut 1 strip for the drawstring band 2 &1/2'' x 22'' and 2 circles 7'' in diameter, also cut 1 circle of light batting.

[If you want to know how wide to cut your Linen multiply the diameter of the circle by 3.14 to get the perimeter, for example 7'' x 3.14 =21.98 ...'simple'.]
You can make any size using this formula, just remember to keep the height of the bag in proportion to the size of the base.

Cut your Linen 22'' wide and 12'' in height, fold down the top 2'' and press, take your band piece and press under half an inch on both long edges.

Place the band over the folded edge so that it sits 1&1/2''  from the top, sew it in place right on the edges of the band, do 2 more rows of stitching quarter of an inch in from the first rows to create the draw string channel.

Sandwich the batting between the two base circles and sew 1/4'' seam around the edge.

 I run a gathering thread around the bottom edge of the linen and pull it up ever so slightly, it stops stretching. Pin the bottom of the bag onto the circle base to check your sizing [sometimes the circle becomes smaller once the 3 pieces have been sewn together, just like trying on a skirt before you sew the side seams] now pin the side seam, take a few pins out and sew your side seam making sure you match the band seams, neaten edges.
Finish pinning the bag to the base circle, sew together carefully no puckers!!

Neaten the edges of your base... overlock or zigzag.

This is a close up of the drawstring band, four rows of stitching and you will thread the ribbon in the middle channel.
Cut 2 pieces of very narrow ribbon 1 yard or metre long.

Fold the bag in half with the side seam on one side, lightly press the opposite side on the band, this is the half way mark this is where to make your cut. Carefully make two small cuts through the band only, on either side of the side seam and one cut on the pressed fold, thread one ribbon through from side seam edge around the bag and out through the other side seam hole. Thread the second ribbon through the cut on the fold line coming out and in on either side of the side seam, then around and out where you started. 

Draw the ribbons up knot the ends and you are finished.
There is a very brief post on how I make my gift cards here .

Happy sewing

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