Friday, 28 October 2016

Mini Quilt

Mini Quilt an introduction to pieced patchwork

I don't mind admitting I'm not a natural born quilt maker... but I'm ever so pleased with this my first complicated patchwork quilt.

This sweet Mini is made using a new line of fabric 'Sweet Orchard' from Australian designer/supercrafter Sedef Imer do check her out her work is truly lovely.

The Mini Quilt pattern is call PICKING PETALS and is deigned by my friend Taunja from 'Carried Away Quilting'
A great pattern for a beginner, all step by step easy to follow colour coordinated instructions.

I wanted to machine quilt it myself.. also no one in my city does professional quilting and I was too impatient to send it away.
Although I had practiced stippling on a mock front with reasonable success I was just too nervous to do it on the real thing.

Straight line quilting in a diamond pattern seemed to fit the bill and although I did a bit of unpicking I am very pleased with it.

The next step was to choose the binding fabric red or green

I chose red in the end although the green would have been probably better the red would look better on my wall.

Pale blue spot on the back and hand sewing saw it all finished, not sure where in my Making room it will go as I'm still in the process of converting it from functional dressmaking room to sweet craft space.

Happy sewing


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