Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sewing Small.

Small Projects to delight or distract...

Love sewing small
Love new fabric
Love a new project
Love books that inspire

Well so do I

My projects

I am greatly inspired by what I see on social media, I love it..
BUT     I have to question my motives at times... mug mats that are too precious to use, gorgeous bibs with food catching frills and more pincushions than any woman could ever want.
This is the the realm of small projects, please don't get me wrong I enjoy making them immensely after all I am Gee's Projects.
BUT    in this era of on-line stimulation its easy to be caught up in a frenzy of must makes, new lines of fabric just begging to be sewn, new books with gorgeous little projects and stunningly staged images absolutely everywhere.

Sweet bookmark

I wanted to write about this to see what others thought but I was also hesitant because it's our industry, patterns, books and tutorials, mine what do you think?   do comment.
This last year I have been very prolific in 'sewing small' I think to the detriment of some larger projects that need finishing.

Free motion sewing

Well in the past I had always been so practical... my sewing ninety percent of the time had been clothes...for clients, for myself and my family.
All cushions, drapes etc were made by me and there really was no time for just the pleasure of a        Small beautifully crafted little project.

Gee's projects embroidery pattern

Well I've made my what am I saying... maybe just balance.
I've promised myself to finish three large projects, practical, washable and useful before I allow myself   the sweet treat of  'Sewing Small'.

Ruffle neck bib

My inspiration for the bibs is from a lovely book 'Sweetly Stitched Handmades' by Amy Sinibaldi, I changed the shape slightly to suit my own style.
The rabbit quilt I made using my own embroidery pattern 'Ollie's Washing Day'  and a few tiny patchwork squares, really simple.
The pencil case and bookmark inspired by Minki Kim .

Happy sewing



  1. Such beautiful prejects!!! I love all of them ...

  2. Thank you Ayda I always love someone taking the time to comment


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