Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Simple Easter treats

Easter treats, it's all about presentation 

Sometime the simplest things turn out so well, ribbon, tulle, little mini eggs and the sweetest gift tags. That's all it takes to transform a small bag of foil wrapped Easter eggs into a gorgeous gift. I love to present well, even the smallest gift can be elevated into such a delight.
This is the fourth year I have tulle wrapped my eggs, different ribbon and cards but the same idea.
This year I thought to share it with you.

Cut out the stiffish tulle into 12 '' squares 
Choose 1 '' wide organza ribbon and cut into 24 '' lengths

Print out your choice of image onto light weight card, this year I found this darling free image on Pinterest kindly shared by Kelli and I think it makes these.

Trim the cards and clip the corners with a punch if you have one. This is the only card making punch I own and it truly finishes off the look. I then tied narrow ribbon to my cards about 9 '' length, I went with the palest of blue as my theme is pink and blue.

Put the eggs in the center of the tulle and draw up the four corners, tie the pink ribbon and attach the tag. Fan out the top of the tulle so that it looks lovely, trim ribbon ends if they need it.

Happy creating



  1. So very darling and thanks for sharing! Love your blog by the way!


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