Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Soft toys Rabbit and Kitten dolls.

Sweet rabbit and kitten soft dolls

The weather here in this part of the world has been wet cold and miserable, so I just tuck up in the sewing room, heater and music on.
I have actually sold some of my rabbits which is pretty cool as they were threatening to take over.

I'm letting you into my sewing room, as you can see I'm none too tidy but oh so creative, and I have fun.

The little kitten face ready to go

The dolls are ready for dressing.

I found this beautiful cotton fabric in our local craft store, note the french words.


These Rabbits are made using sweet pink and blue checks with contrasting floral for the dresses.

I try and have the hand sewing and stuffing ready to do when I sit down in the evenings.

Little blue and white Rabbit dolls made from French fabric.

I do get attached to them, such a lot of work to get them just right.


  1. You make some darling stuff and I really love these sweet bunnies!

    1. Hi Natalie, Thanks so much for your comments I do love the Rabbits the best, I used to spend my spare time sewing for myself but one can only wear so many clothes, this way I dress the rabbits.
      I also have FM I have learned to manage it, it runs in our family.
      Take care

  2. You must be prolific in order to have sewn all the clothes you want to for yourself. :) I can't keep up with my list! Stuffies are so fun to sew and dress though. I haven't kept my blog up in a long time, and I have since found out I have chronic Lyme I am working on treating, but am curious to know how you manage your FM if you wouldn't mind sharing. I manage the pain somewhat, but the fatigue is unrelenting and intense.


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