Friday, 6 May 2022

Sew your own dolls 'Lola and Ruby'

Lola and Ruby dressed dolls 

I've had these dolls in mind for some time, in fact I started them 2 years ago but the project stalled as other life stuff took it's place.
I've named them after two of our granddaughters ...sweet sisters who are just as cute.

Two dolls two looks, awake and smiley and eyes shut and sleepy...goodnight Mama.

They have a wardrobe of clothes to choose from. a dear little pinafore which I've embellished with braid and ricrac.

A swirly skirt with frills and pockets which can be worn over the pinafore or on it's own.
A small shopping bag for... well small shopping.
Lace edged pyjamas and a gorgeous Dressing gown.

The creating and sewing of the doll I love doing and it comes naturally to me but the pattern making is a new talent that I've had to learn and perfect.
My patterns all include a very detailed tutorial with graphic illustrations, easy to follow step by step with hints as well.

We are staying at the moment in beautiful Maroochydore on the sunshine coast of Queensland Australia. A few hours computer work then outside to enjoy the sun.

Lola and Ruby doll pattern available in my Etsy shop HERE

Happy sewing all


Monday, 8 March 2021

Petite puff bags, Easter gift bags

 Petite Puff bags

I love making things and sometimes ideas just come together how you imagined.
Drawstring bags, gift bags are a favourite make of mine, fun and useful.
My ideas around these latest makes were to use up small pieces of fabric of which I have plenty. Often big projects leave small cutoffs behind and while they are not overly big they are too lovely to throw this four and six paneled bag idea was born.

These wee bags will all be given away with something in them, the small bright ones will be Easter treat bags with little foil covered chocolate eggs and some other small treat.
I have made these bags in two separate styles and sizes, small and very small but very simple to make.

I have a free tutorial here for the little Surprise Easter Bunny, it's very cute and can be tucked into these bags along with some sweet treats.

Hopefully some inspiration ideas on how to use up all your small fabric pieces. 
Happy sewing and you will find my pattern  HERE in my Etsy shop.


Surprise Bunny, fabric and felt bunny

Surprise Bunnies
patterns for Gee's projects


Glenis Ebbett

Just a hint, if you don't have store bought pompoms or rosettes you can make pretty tails using small pieces of fabric. I cut a pieces of fine fabric like lawn into a 1'' x 4'' strip, fold it in half lengthwise press.
 Run a gathering stitch along the folded edge and pull up tight to form a ruffled circle, secure the ends so the gathers don't come out and stitch to the bunny. Don't worry about any frayed edges that just adds to the appeal.

Materials Required

Small scraps of fabric cotton or linen

Coloured wool felt (not acrylic)

Fusible webbing.... check out the link below on how to use the webbing

A store bought rosette or pompom ( small ) for the tail or ribbon, fine fabric to make your own. 297736

Copy and print out the two pages below.

I hope you enjoy this small Easter Project, you may want to read about my  'Petite Puff Drawstring Bags' HERE and I have the pattern available in my Etsy shop see the link below.

Happy sewing


Sunday, 14 February 2021

A life time of sewing, sewing room organizing.

Sewing room, my favourite place

Yes I do have a life time of sewing memories plus patterns, fabric and notions...more than anyone should own.
But when dressmaking has been your passion and vocation for fifty years plus it's understandable.
My Instagram friends Ali from @arabesquescissors and Lauren from @mollyandmama have been encouraging us all to get sorted in our sewing get #seworderly and as my sewing room needed a major re-sort here I am.

Welcome to my sewing room. 

I am incredibly lucky to have a dedicated sewing room, to be able to shut the door on projects in the making and all that creative mess.
 My room is actually a bedroom but used as a sewing space, the wardrobe has been altered for me with a purpose built bench and shelves. Bifold doors close to hide the space if so desired. In the middle of the room I have my old painted wooden table with it's heavy turned legs, it is brilliant as it so stable and has two extensions that can be pulled out for laying long lengths of fabric.
 It's certainly not Pinterest perfect with beautiful glass fronted display cabinets like some that I covet, but it's a pleasant room and serves me well.

The modified wardrobe.

Although my storage system has been in place for a while it certainly needed sorting. Things get put a way in a hurry and not where they should go and that makes for a frustrating time tying to find just that certain ribbon etc.
 And if your wondering where the fabric is ...well that's another story.
I don't keep the bulk of my fabric on display, it's in see through plastic bins in the dark of my linen cupboard and yet to be re-sorted.
Things fade here especially cotton fabric. The light here is just so bright and I have ruined fabric more than once leaving it folded on my table.

A few pics to show you.


I like to keep these scissors and snips
in my lovely old china jugs.

My Overlocker or Serger as its sometimes called sits
 on the bench beside my ordinary sewing machine
 and I just move between the two.
Patterns....a life time of collecting.

Looking for a zip, piping,
 elastic or other essential notions...well here they are.

Vintage trims..ohh how I love these,
 just perfect for finishing off
 some small project or embellishing a little dress.

These are stuck to the wall by my machine,
 I actually bought these in China on one of my visits
and I know you can find them anywhere but I love them
 and the small one is perfect for
 threaded needles if you need to hand stich in a hurry.

Yes I could organize these threads better but
 I find this vintage tin handy as it sits on the shelf directly
 above my machine...and it has memories.💗

Small plastic boxes for labels, ribbons, buttons, lace etc.

Stacking baskets to keep projects separate.

Display your makes and what gives you pleasure.

This little bathroom unit adds storage and beauty.

Bifold doors to close if desired.

All closed away.

Well I'm yet to tackle the fabric stash but it's on my list.

Do checkout Ali's Blog and Lauren's blog, wonderful inspirational reading there.

Well happy sewing


Sunday, 29 November 2020

Ten great tips for sewing beautiful soft toys


Hints and help for creating beautiful and robust soft toys and dolls

soft toy, doll with doll's quilt
'Poppy dolly' all ready for Christmas.

I love to sew for children and one of these loves is of course toys. 
I am hoping that these practical hints will give you the confidence to get started.

Soft toy ,linen rabbit floppy ears

Tip 1. Preparing your fabric.....Press and starch, in my opinion starching is a must, the fabric is wrinkle free, crisp and easy to cut especially little pieces.
Tip 2. Fabric 'straight of grain'.....Please follow the straight of grain references on the pattern pieces and cutting instructions.
Cotton, linen and all other woven fabrics have a 'straight of grain' which is in the direction of the weft threads.
The weft threads run parallel to the selvedges and the warp threads run across the width of the fabric. The weft threads are stronger and more stable while the warp threads add more give to the fabric. I often use Minky (velour)and fleece fabric in my toys and they too have a greater stretch across the width of the fabric so the same rule applies.

Tip 3. Accurate cutting.....It's so important to cut these small pattern pieces exactly on the lines because any deviations can completely change the shape of a foot or little face etc.

Tip 4. Stitch length....Set your machine to a small stitch I set mine to 2, this keeps the seams firm and robust enough to hold the stuffing in and cope with loving  handling.

Tip 5. Back stitch....Reinforce the beginning and ends of every seam with back stitch, it will prevent the seams unraveling while constructing and stuffing the toy.

Tip 6. Seam allowance....If the pattern states 1/4 '' seams please stick to this or the feet won't fit the end of the legs, the collar won't fit the jacket etc. Most toy and craft patterns including mine have 1/4 '' seams unless otherwise stated.

Tip 7. Construction.... Read the pattern through first as it really gives you a feel for your project then follow the sequence as laid out in your pattern 'step by step' guide. Most pattern designers have worked hard to achieve the best way to construct the toy.

Tip 8. Curves and clipping seams....You can't make a doll or a rabbit without dealing with sewing curves, the secret is to take your time and have your machine needle set in the down position so you can lift the foot and pivot carefully around the curves. Don't stretch the fabric just guide as you stitch. Clip curves carefully but not to close to the stitches. 
Where the head meets the neck is the trickiest part so clip carefully but not through the stitching line...this is why back-stitching at the beginning and ends of each seam is so important.

Tip 9. Stuffing....I always use cushion inners for my stuffing, the stuffing is hypoallergenic and has a much softer feel than specific toy stuffing. You can buy cushion inners at most household linen type shops. 
Tease out the stuffing and push in small amounts at a time. Push the stuffing up into the head first and manipulate it to get the desired shape, the neck needs to be quite firm to hold the head and then stuff the rest of the toy.

Tip 10. Finishing and hand sewing....Once the stuffing is done close up the openings with very small and close together stitches, ladder or slip stitch is best hide your knots and ends inside the toy. 
Embroidering the face is pretty simple but it is the key to a cute look so take your time, you can mark the face details with a fade away pen if this helps. I use simple stitches like back stitch, satin stitch and sometimes French knots for freckles.
If I add blush to a doll I use pink craft ink dabbing it on with a cotton wool ball. Please practice on a scrap of fabric first to get a light look... just a hint of pink, if you are heavy handed it can mean disaster. 😕

soft toy, fluffy mouse doll very cute
'Miss Country Mouse' one of my favourites.

I haven't dealt with sewing the dolls clothing in my ten tips but all the above principles apply, precise cutting, seam allowance, backstitching and neat finishing off.

soft toy, linen rabbit with clothes
Adding the cute look to 'My friend Molly' bunny.

dressed doll, linen rabbit sewn toy
'My friend Molly' dressed bunny 

Soft toys, plushies in a basket
A basketful of delightful toys.

Soft toy, gee's projects patterns
All the joy captured in that sweet face.

Dressed doll in pink, very cute
Poppy dolly.

soft toy, embroidering the face
Sewing the face details 'Kerah Rabbit'.

soft toy bunny with a halo of flowers
'Bobby Bunny' with her halo of flowers.

These are just a few of my patterns that are available in my Etsy shop , I do try very hard to make them easy to follow, lots of 'how to' photos and 'step by step' instructions.
Hopefully you will practice these simple tips to get that professional look and the joy of creating.

Happy Sewing


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