Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Little Country Mouse

Soft Toy 'Little Country Mouse'

We are having such a hot summer here, its really too hot to sew and we have had a never ending stream of visitors too.
 When I get a chance I sit down at my computer and write up the patterns, as I make the toys I photograph the stages and take notes.
This is the first time I have sewn Minky Fabric and although its not as easy as Fleece it adds a soft feel to the little mouse. The cotton fabric is so lovely, Strawberries and Forget-me-nots, I have matched it up with the hot pink spot and the lime check, a winning combination.

I have the pattern available on my shops and I have tried to keep it simple for intermediate level sewers. The Minky must be cut with the pile all going downwards and because its shiny on the inside the stuffing doesn't grip so it needs to be firmer especially in the little nose.

                 This one I have used cream fleece for the little face and added a little mouth and eye lashes.


                                       The fabric is gorgeous a real English garden floral fabric.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Soft toy Rabbit

'Ollie'  the Roly-Poly Rabbit

This is my latest Rabbit and he's bit of a change from my other ones but he's really rather cute. I am always on the lookout for interesting fabric and colours that inspire.  I love this blue, is it China Blue or Wedgwood Blue I'm not sure but I had to have it, just two fat quarters.

I had seen a little book illustration of a fat little Rabbit and he was sitting and his little feet were just poking out from under his belly. That was my inspiration for 'Ollie'
 I wanted him to stand up which took a bit of figuring out, in the end I got him just right and stable.
He would look so lovely on a shelf in the nursery. 

I always make two or three, sometimes more so as to get my patterns just right, there are plenty of failures on the journey  to success.

My wee Granddaughters are hoping for pink ones, maybe!

I have put little bells around their necks but this is purely styling while  photographing and will be taken off when I sell them, not safe for little ones.

I have even given them a sweet wee tail.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Zealand Summer

Glorious New Zealand summer

We have had such stunning weather lately I thought I would share some of my photos perhaps they will capture for you the essence of a Kiwi summer.
I love to showcase our wonderful country, our place in the sun.

                                                                 Looking down over Wainui Beach

                                                             Sun rise over Okitu Beach Gisborne

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