Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Little Country Mouse

Soft Toy 'Little Country Mouse'

We are having such a hot summer here, its really too hot to sew and we have had a never ending stream of visitors too.
 When I get a chance I sit down at my computer and write up the patterns, as I make the toys I photograph the stages and take notes.
This is the first time I have sewn Minky Fabric and although its not as easy as Fleece it adds a soft feel to the little mouse. The cotton fabric is so lovely, Strawberries and Forget-me-nots, I have matched it up with the hot pink spot and the lime check, a winning combination.

I have the pattern available on my shops and I have tried to keep it simple for intermediate level sewers. The Minky must be cut with the pile all going downwards and because its shiny on the inside the stuffing doesn't grip so it needs to be firmer especially in the little nose.

                 This one I have used cream fleece for the little face and added a little mouth and eye lashes.


                                       The fabric is gorgeous a real English garden floral fabric.

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