Saturday, 27 February 2016

Kerah Rabbit revisited

Kerah Rabbit soft toy 

I bought fabric on line!!!
It's not something that I do but I was so pleased with it, sweet little prints and patterns ideal when making wee things like rabbits and dolls.
I had not made any more of my  'Kerah Rabbits'  since making my initial samples for my pattern.
 I was always so pleased with this pattern and re doing just confirmed that, maybe I truly am a little pattern designer.

This sweet fabric is 'Penny Rose' fabric, the little kitten and rabbit print is by designer  Elea lutz  my favourite.

I always enjoy this process, laying out my choices, anticipating the end result.

The little bodies, braces and buttons.

Look how sweet they are.

All finished, bright and beautiful my Easter bunnies.

Hand sewing the finishing touches.

All done   'Kerah Rabbit'  pattern available from my ETSY shop.

Happy sewing


  1. Hi Glenis, Your Kerah Rabbits are just adorable! I think YOU are definitely a pattern designer! :-) Thanks for popping onto my blog too! Megan xx

    1. Thanks Megan, good to know my words are read it's a fine line staying truly true to your self, my words, my style.
      I loved visiting your blog your photos are wonderful you capture the light so well, I struggle with my photos getting them CRISP.
      Still getting better


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