Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A sewing Story

Such a story of sewing and friendship


 an inspired gift

Out of the blue I received a little card from an old friend, a friend whose friendship I had let lapse...I hadn't seen her for about ten years and our only contact was a yearly Christmas card.

The little card read as follows

Dear Glenis,
I have been thinking about you today and wanted to drop a line to tell you how very special you are to me.
The time we spent together will always be a precious memory even though I must have been a right royal pain at times.
The influence you had on my life was HUGE, your sage advice and getting me going in crafts really set me up. I'm off to buy my second Over-locker today... plumb wore the old one out! 
Hope this finds you well and content, you will always be my first and very loved friend.

 Well I don't ever think anyone has written a letter so lovely to me, I was tearful and so taken back. Memories of a simpler time came flooding back, a time of stay-at-home mums, babysitting kids, school gala's, rushing home to cook dinner and sewing up a storm.
She was a very young mum with four little kiddies, living on the farm and not a lot of money to spend. 
I taught her to sew, but she was a natural and became an amazing dressmaker... clothing her family beautifully.
Yes we were friends and I had forgotten!!!
This is a lesson to us all about the power of handmade, the joy of sharing your talents, of how a common love of making brings together women of all backgrounds.
I really can never get over the pleasure I get from using my hands to create beauty, there really is power in it.
So rare these days to pen a letter but I have done that and made a sweet gift to go with it.

Yes it really is a sewing story.

I adore this lovely fabric from the Sweet Orchard Range by Sedef Imer, the soft warm pink spot and the cheater print show off my hand embroidered little mouse clutching his gifts.

This is the back sweet orchard really is just that, so sweet.

The little mouse with his tokens of love.

I have added this to a link up 2016 Q4 FAL
Happy sewing


  1. Oh Glenis, this is so touching! I am being very teary today. First I received Sedef's book and had a little moment, now I am reading this post. So special and this gift is really precious. I am sure your forgotten friend would love it. But I don't think real friendships ever get old or forgotten, time does not affect them and they last through years even when we are apart. Thank you for sharing! xox

    1. Thank you dear Larisa, it helped writing it because memories that I had forgotten came back and they they were good.

  2. Such a sweet story and gift! Can you please let us know if you have the adorable little mouse pattern?

    1. Thank you Susan for reading, blogging can be invisible at times.
      The little mouse came from a rubber stamp that I had and I copied it, do a pinterest search for penny black stamps 'mouse bouquet'.
      hope this helps

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jenni, I do love to make small stuff, sweet and cute.


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