Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Mug Mats, sewing illustrated

Mug mats... Coffee table pleasure

These are another of the small projects from Sew Illustrated  that lovely book from Minki and Kristin
In my world I would call them coasters, would I use them... probably not, but tied together they are coffee table candy. 

So if we are going to chat over coffee I will tell you why I started this blog, very simple really to share. 
 I don't know any crafts people who do not like to show what they have done, have pride in creating beautiful works and I've decided it's because it is a solitary business, the business of sewing, quilting, writing etc.
We do it alone.
Well this is my show place.. my share place.

These are fun to make and with practise reasonably quick, I truly love how the Dessert mat turned out, I kept it low key and I have used it!!

Happy Sewing



  1. These are so darling, as are all of your projects! You inspire us all!

    1. Thanks so much Taunja, lovely projects from Minki again.


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