Monday, 27 March 2017

Bunny soft toy 'Bobby Bunny'

Meet Bobby Bunny

My all time favourite softy is a bunny with big ears and a sweet here he is, Bobby Bunny.
I do like to design toys and I really did fall for this one, cute in natural linen or bejeweled in roses, either way delightful. His little jacket has foxes leaping over it, I thought that was fun...Bunny is definitely in charge.

The little roses are a sweet touch with Easter in mind and for a lot of you spring has sprung although not for us.

This little fellow was the inspiration for Bobby definitely more gender neutral, he is made from pure linen and I didn't add any batting to his ears so they hang down kind of floppy like.

Hopefully these bunnies inspire you to have ago and make one for the treasured little one in your life. My Patterns are just me telling you how to do this, all photos are taken as I make them.

Happy sewing 



  1. These are so cute - love the roses you added on the bunnies - and the jackets!! I enjoy making the little pillows and quilts to snuggle these in, but maybe someday I'll try my hand at your cute toy bunnies!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm sure you could make one one day. Glenis


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