Wednesday, 22 July 2015

SAXON the Polar-Fleece Bear


This little dressed bear is my latest pattern, sweet and cuddly in his little cuffed Overalls.
I have so loved making him, choosing all the fabrics so that each one is sweeter than the next.

I love to mix cotton patterned fabric with fleece, so that he looks all dressed up.

I have named this Bear 'SAXON' after my only Grandson who is six and still loves a cuddle.


The cutting process, choosing fabric, what goes with what, I love this stage.


The little overalls all ready for the buttons and domes.

The faces all embroidered, each one slightly different which is the wonder of hand crafted.

All lined up like little solders waiting for their arms.

See how using fabric creates built in clothes.

All the overalls pressed and they are dressed, ready for a good home.

They really are cute don't you think?


Happy sewing

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