Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sew a gorgeous baby's pattern

Sewing bibs

One of the most appreciated gifts for a new mum other than a helping hand is a bundle of bibs. I have made quite a few in my time as a seamstress Grandmother of nine...almost ten and you know I really love making them.
This pattern I'm sharing is similar to my original pattern but with a snap fastener rather than a tie.

At the bottom of this post you will find the templates for this bib, Just copy them they are jpeg ...print out on A4 paper.

You can keep this bib simple or as glamed up as you like. You can check out other bib tutorials I've made HERE and pics HERE.
I have used some sweet floral and stripe just left over fabric from other projects, a lace trim, a little me made patch and quilting detail.

Cut out your upper and lower front pieces, add lace if you want and place the lower piece on top of the upper piece right sides together and straight edges aligned, stitch together using just over a quarter inch seam.

Pin together the upper and lower pattern pieces lining up the dotted lines..see photo above. Use this pinned together template to cut the backing fabric and the batting. (Just a note this bib doesn't need to be quilted and can just be backed with terry toweling or any absorbent fabric, but if you quilt it the quilting process makes the bib smaller and so you might like place the quilted bib front on the backing fabric and use that as your template.)
I used a fusible batting but a lightweight cotton batting would be equally as good.
Press the seams up and the lace down on the front bib and using a cover cloth press the batting in place on the wrong side of the bib.
At this stage I have quilted my front in a diagonal grid about 1 '' apart. I recommend using a walking foot to get the best job.

Trim the threads and if you want to add a little patch or label now's the time.

To assemble the bib place the back piece on top of the front piece RST and stitch around the edges using a small seam, leave a 3'' gap on one side of the bib for turning through. Trim the seams where necessary and clip carefully at the curves.  Use a chop stick or similar to turn through, push out all the edges with your implement to get a nice shape and all your curves smooth. Press well and hand stitch or fabric glue up the opening. Add a snap fastener or small Velcro circles to close your bib...all finished.

 Happy sewing everyone.



  1. This is so sweet! Love the extra details you embellish it with!

    1. Thank you my lovely friend...I am a detail person, my family laugh at me because I can watch a game of Rugby ( our national sport) on TV and won't know the score but I"ll know who had ripped shorts.

  2. Hi wondering what the pattern measurements are? I see that it is not to scale but not sure how much to expand it> thanks for your help and for offering the pattern. Warmly, Raz


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