Tuesday, 21 April 2020

How to print on fabric using your ink printer

Printing on fabric at home

It's very simple to print out a design on fabric using your home printer.
I use this method often when I wish to embroider details that won't be washed...yes you can't wash the finished product as the ink will run. But don't despair there are plenty of uses for this method and I will show you a few so read on. All the projects below were made using this method.

Here's how
Go to your local stationary shop and buy a pack of laser/inkjet labels, the ones that only have one large label per sheet.

1. Press your fabric well and starch it if you can. I often use white linen so I add lightweight fusible interfacing on the back. 
2. Trim your fabric to fit the label.
3. Peel off the label, it has a sticky underside.

4. Carefully sick the fabric to the adhesive side, place in the printer making sure you place it so the design prints on the fabric side and not the label.

5. Peel your fabric off and it's ready to embroider. 
6. Take the used label and press it back onto its original backing paper, you can use this several times.

* Use Word or Open Office or a similar program to prepare the lettering, making sure you get the font and size to your liking.
* Leave a gap around your design so you can cut them out if you are adding them to a project or putting your work into an embroidery hoop.
* A few pointers before you get too carried away, print the design on paper first so you know its ok.
* If you are doing your own designs keep the lines fine and grey so your thread will cover nicely.

Hope you enjoy this method as much as I do...lots of uses. If you would like to make this luggage tag the template and tutorial is HERE

Remember keep the grain of your fabric straight when getting it ready to print especially if it has texture like linen because you will be disappointed with end result if you don't.
Happy printing and sewing



  1. it says to but lazor ink labels can i use an ink jet printer please?

  2. I must be missing something. If you embroider over the printing, why can`t you wash it?


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